ABEL Energy Bell Bay Powerfuels Project


A feasibility study has been undertaken to assess the potential for developing a large-scale, renewables-based hydrogen and e-methanol facility at Bell Bay in Tasmania.

Project description

The project proponent is developing a large-scale, renewables-based hydrogen and hybrid e-methanol facility at the Bell Bay Advanced Manufacturing Zone in Tasmania. The project would deploy biomass gasification of plantation forestry residues in conjunction with water electrolysis to produce 200-300 thousand tonnes per annum green methanol.  Direct capture of CO2 from the atmosphere will also be assessed.

The project would deploy a 120-to-260-megawatt (MW) electrolysis plant to produce renewables-based hydrogen, part of which would be available for domestic consumption though the majority of hydrogen produced would act as feedstock (along with syngas) to enable renewables-based production of methanol, for both domestic and international customers.

The energy supply for the electrolysis plant would be through hydro and wind-based power supply sources.

The project anticipates operations to commence around the 2027 timeframe.

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