ABEL Energy

Leaders in Innovative Renewable Energy


ABEL Energy is an Australian green hydrogen and green methanol project developer, with a vision to become the largest owner and operator of green methanol production facilities in Australia and New Zealand.

Our pipeline of projects are focussed on areas that are abundant in sustainable wind, water and biomass resources. Our flagship project, Bell Bay Powerfuels, is located at Bell Bay in Tasmania with three other sites under active investigation.


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Our Core Values


We have found our personal values to be closely aligned across the team. Naturally, our personal values have shaped our corporate values which are focused around social accountability, integrity through honest relationships, the safety of our people and the environment and contributing positively on the world; from the foundation of how we shape and maintain our relationships with each other, with our business partners, and with the world around us. 


We believe in what we do and recognise our responsibilities; we will do our best to deliver on our promises and create mutual value.

Integrity through 
Honest Relationships

We will act and interact with integrity and honesty to build trusted and lasting relationships within our team and with our business partners.

Positive contribution 
to our Environment 
and Communities

We will make a positive contribution to the communities and environments in which we operate, recognising that the challenges we face require collective solutions.



We pride ourselves on our strong safety culture and our commitment to safe operating practices to minimise risks to our people and the environment.

ABEL Energy Milestones


ABEL Energy Incorporated
April 2020

Secured Bell Bay Project Land
May 2023

Bell Bay Project Operational
Planned for 2028

Project 2
Planned for 2029

Project 3
Planned for 2032

ABEL Energy Team

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