Bell Bay Powerfuels, Tasmania

Embracing next generation renewable energy production for Tasmania.

ABEL Energy is developing its flagship green methanol project, Bell Bay Powerfuels, in Bell Bay Tasmania, with the aim of producing 300,000 tonnes of renewable, green methanol per years. 

The plant will combine green hydrogen from a 240MW water electrolysis plant with synthesis gas from a biomass gasifier to produce green methanol. The production process will use 100% renewable power from hydro and new wind production assets, fresh water from major river systems and biomass residues recovered from existing Tasmanian plantation forestry operations.

The production site will be clean in its operation with virtually zero GHG emissions, water vapour emissions, or effluent discharge. The production process is odourless and the product is biodegradable and easy to handle as a clear liquid.

$1.4+ Billion investment  for Northern Tasmania

Enabling up to 700MW of new build renewable power

Construction opportunities for 500+ workers

Direct and indirect employment for 300+ workers for at least 30 years

Gross regional impact of more than $4.6 Billion 

Abatement of 540,000 tonnes per year of CO2

Local renewable fuel uptake opportunities (ports, rail, ferries, etc)

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